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Press Releases
  Note: At the end of each press release you will find a download table with information and photos of various products.
Navigations-Pfeil Designer Pieces in the Office
  "As a participant at Paperworld (25.-29.01.03) ORNALON adhered to the motto, "Design your office!" With this challenge in mind,..."
ORNALON Press Release Nr. 2/2003 from 04.02.2003
Navigations-Pfeil Paperworld 2003
  "At Paperworld 2003 in Hall 4.0 (Booth G30), ORNALON will let the Tiger swing! Adhering to the motto..."
ORNALON Press Release Nr. 8/2002 from 04.12.2002
Navigations-Pfeil Successful Premier in Cologne
  "Where do you want to office tomorrow? And how? Was the motto for this year's International tradeshow for Office design and management..."
ORNALON Press Release Nr. 7/2002 from 04.11.2002
Navigations-Pfeil ORNALON® Star-Line
  "Star-Line from ORNALON is a product line that offers several different products to help with information presentation whether at POS, at trade shows or..."
ORNALON Press Release Nr. 6/2002 from 22.10.2002
Navigations-Pfeil ORNALON® Dizzy-Box C4
  "At Orgatec 2002 ORNALON broadened the Swing-Line with further product variations..."
ORNALON Press Release Nr. 5/2002 from 22.10.2002
Navigations-Pfeil Desktop chaos?
  "Everybody has experienced it: the kids come home from school and when the homework is finished, it is up to Mom to clean the mess off of the desk. But where to put everything? School folders, colouring books, rulers, paints,..."
ORNALON Press Release Nr. 4/2002 from 05.09.2002
Navigations-Pfeil ORNALON Sales Support
  "The Swiss supplier for high quality desk accessories and practical filing systems offers its sales partners further support. For new products from the ORNALON®..."
ORNALON Press Release Nr. 3/2002 from 27.08.2002
Navigations-Pfeil ORNALON experience it live
  "ORNALON, the Swiss supplier for high quality desk accessories and practical filing systems, presents its product program this year at the following trade shows..."
ORNALON Press Release Nr. 2/2002 from 22.08.2002
Navigations-Pfeil ORNALON Data-Line distinguishes itself
  "At Paperworld 2002 in Frankfurt, the International Stationery Press Association (ISPA), an organization whose membership is comprised of 26 office supply trade journals from around the world..."
ORNALON Press Release Nr. 1/2002 from 27.01.2002
Navigations-Pfeil ORNALON with new verve
  "ORNALON will once again be present at Paperworld occurring January 26-30, 2002 ..."
ORNALON Press Release Nr. 5/2001 from 27.11.2001
Navigations-Pfeil ORNALON® Data-Line broadened
  "The CD-ROM has been an inexpensive means of storing data for a long time, and now the DVD is being used more than ever for high volume data storage..."
ORNALON Press Release Nr. 4/2001 from 22.10.2001
Navigations-Pfeil New highlight from ORNALON
  "The ORNALON Cockpit-Line already offers an attractive selection of trendy colours. An extravagant highlight..."
ORNALON Press Release Nr. 3/2001 from 14.09.2001
Navigations-Pfeil ORNALON Cockpit-Line with an elegant brilliance
  "ORNALON is decidedly in trend with the introduction of its new colour, "alusilber-metallic", at the Paperworld Trade Show in January..."
ORNALON Press Release Nr. 2/2001 from 27.08.2001
Navigations-Pfeil The new ORNALON Swing-Line
  "With the new Swing-Line, ORNALON introduces a new generation of filing systems..."
ORNALON Press Release Nr. 1/2001 from 31.07.2001


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