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Content responsibility:

Speicherstrasse 28
CH-9000 St. Gallen

Tel:  +41 (0)71 534 43 52
Fax: +41 (0)71 534 43 57


contact: Patrik Koch  / CEO

commercial register No. CH-320.3.056.354-0 /  VAT No. 606 233 / EORI-No.: DE-204888733518438


Disqualification of Liability
ORNALON compiles the contents of internet pages with great care and provides regular updates. However it can not guarantee that the contents of these internet pages are error free, accurate, complete, or correct. The information serves only as non-binding, general information and does not replace a detailed individual consultation.
ORNALON is not responsible for any damage caused either by direct or indirect use of the Website, as long as any damage is non-intentional or not due to gross negligence on the part of ORNALON. This particularly applies to services offered on internet pages, for example, with respect to the download of data provided by ORNALON.
With respect to links to third party internet sites, ORNALON assumes no responsibility for the contents of linked sites. As soon as the link is activated, you leave the information scope of ORNALON. Hence, you come within the scope of a third party where different rules may apply, particularly with regard to data protection.

Data Confidentiality
All personal data collected on the ORNALON website is used solely for the purpose of providing service to individuals, the remittance of product information or to offer services. This data will be saved, processed and if necessary forwarded to the proper business associates. ORNALON assures that your personal information will be handled with confidentiality in accordance with applicable data confidentiality requirements specified under law.

Trade Mark Rights
Unless otherwise indicated, all trade marks on the ORNALON website protected by law. This is particularly valid for ORNALON brands, model information, business logos and emblems. The brands and design elements, on our web pages are the non-tangible assets of the ORNALON Group.

License Register
The non-tangible assets found on the ORNALON website such as patents, brands and copyrights are protected by law. No license for the use of these non-tangible assets of ORNALON or of third parties will be granted through the website.

© Copyright 2004-2018, ORNALON AG, St. Gallen, Switzerland
All rights reserved. Text, pictures, graphics, sound, animation and videos as well as the web page layout are subject to copyright protection and other protective laws. The contents of this website are not permitted to be copied, distributed, changed or made available to third parties for commercial purposes. In addition, some pages contain pictures which are subject to the copyright protection of a third party.



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