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Labels for letter trays and CD-Etui:

Cockpit-Line Letter tray - set of 2 So practical...
Labels for letter trays from the Cockpit-Line can be changed in no time. Simply remove the plastic Cellon cover, switch labels and clip the cover back on. Done!

And even easier...
To help make labelling your ORNALON products even easier, we have pre-made labels ready for you to download. Once downloaded, you can use the pre-made labels or create your own. Why waste your time creating files when the work has already been done for you? Don't waste another minute, download right now!
Filename Format Size Download
Labels for letter trays Cockpit-Line (for normal paper) .xls 53 KB Download
Labels for CD-Etui Data-Line (for Zweckform 3659) .doc 46 KB Download


last update:
june 12, 2018 / pk